GiGi Leung-Mo Huan Ji Jie

Ken Zhu in Gigi Leung Video Clip

Ken Zhu as Gigi Leung boyfriend in her video clip...Ken Zhu Xiao Tian Gigi Leung

Amour - Gigi Leung Yong Qi (梁咏琪)

Liang Yong Qi Sorry for the glitch in the middle...Amour Gigi Leung Yong Qi 梁咏琪

20071221 - F4 Vanness Wu@Gigi Leung Concert - 2

Never Let U Go + My Kingdom...Vanness Wu Gigi Leung 吳建豪梁詠琪演唱會MyKingdom Never Let You Go

Gigi Leung 短发

Enjoy! And leave some comments if you like....gigi leung duan fa 短发mv mtv 梁咏琪music video liang yong qi

Nanako Matsushima CM MaxFactor1

She is kawai...Nanako Matshshima MaxFactor CM

The Look (Matsushima Nanako)

to all her loving avid fans. Watch this and you'll gonna Love her......Nanako Matsushima She's Got The Look Roxette Aikquel69 I found this beautiful sophisticated look and wholesome to her roles in Japanese Movie and T.V programs too.. I admire her LOOKS so I made this photo vid for her and to all her loving avid fans. Watch this and you'll gonna Love her... 

nanako matsushima nintendoDS

nanako matsushima her newestCF...松嶋菜々子nanako matsushima nintendo nintendou NintendoDS 

laruku awards to Nanako Matsushima

inform me and it will be deleted immediately, thank you....laruku awards to Nanako Matsushima L'Arc-en-Ciel 松岛菜菜子 L'Arc-en-Ciel 松岛菜菜子

random clip dragged off emule, if belongs to anyone please inform me and it will be deleted immediately, thank you.

NINTENDO DS CM (Nanako Matsushima)

nanako matsushima's all new cm in japanese...松嶋菜々子 nanako matsushima nintendo ds japan mariobrothers supermario mario supermariobrothers ニンテンドウ 任天堂

Nanako Matsushima Swimsuit

Nanako Matsushima in swimsuit as Asahi Kasei campaign girl ca 1992....Nanako Matsushima swimsuit
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jin akanishi

pics of jin jin...jin akanishi kat-tun

Akanishi Jin "Care"

the song Care by Jin Akanishi ^^ He is cut in this video but he looks a litle sad enjoy it...akanishi jin care KAT-TUN

Jin Akanishi ha-ha Utawara 2006/02/19

LooKing Tour '05. He changed the lyrics somewhat for the TV version....akanishi jin ha-ha amazing kiss utawara solo kat-tun